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Ricerca e stile

research and style

fili per cucire

"Either you are a work of art or you are wearing it" Oscar Wilde

Zetati can help you from the beginning because it has a wide network of contacts between tanneries, textile industries, accessories and all that supply chain in the world of leather goods and more.

Furthermore, with us it is possible to carry out special processes, prints on leather, creations of metal plates and personalized accessories.

  The first steps to make an excellent collection begin with a thorough research of materials and with the study of style in every details. Colors, materials, accessories, fabrics: everything is put black on white and the first designs, the first drafts, the mood of the collection are started.

Matita con logo Zetati
Progettazione e campionatura

design and sampling

Progetto 3D borsa

After the design phase comes that of sampling: once all the aspects of the product have been defined (dimensions, materials, colors, accessories), the creation of the samples begins concretely and here the competence and experience of the technicians play a fundamental role. Manual skills and craftsmanship are very important in every single step.

The design phase is fundamental: it means the phase in which the stylist, product development and modeling work together to give life, in terms of sizes and volumes, to the technical design of the product. At this point we define the dimensions, the thicknesses, the type of accessories, the "hand" that the final object must have.    

Borsa Tullio Zepponi


Portafogli Tullio Zepponi

SPLIT and SCARNITURA : consist of bringing all the elements to the desired thickness.
ASSEMBLY : the phase in which the leather, the fabrics are coupled, the seams are made, the shape is given.
FINISHING and QUALITY CONTROL : every object that leaves Zetati is reviewed, checked, finished individually and packaged.

In Zetati the production cycle is divided into five parts.
CUTTING : that is when all the materials are cut manually, or with the dies, or with the electronic machine.
PREPARATION : let's talk about the completion of the work lot with all those elements necessary for the assembly of the product.

Laboratorio Zetati
Controllo qualità e spedizione

Quality control and shipping

Dettagli borsa Tullio Zepponi

Once the quality control is complete, we proceed with the packaging: each object is provided with a tag, packed, stuffed and inserted in the final packaging box. Once everything is completed, it is shipped wherever the customer wants.

Zetati can offer you different shipping methods and a wide choice of international couriers.

Customer service is the real focal point in Zetati's daily activity: we work with the aim of providing a high quality product, studied in every detail. Each object that leaves Zetati is in fact reviewed individually within the company.

Pacchi da spedizione
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